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“This item costs 5.99 £/€/$, but if you buy three there is a 30% discount.” “No, thanks. One is enough.” “Do you have the loyalty card? It's free.” “No, and I am not interested in one.” “But you could have a 15% discount!” “No, thanks.” “Would you like the receipt to be emailed to you?” “No, thanks.” “But you could get discounts for future purchases!” “No, thanks. Goodbye.”

Every. Damn. Time.

#thoughts #rants

We are always, constantly being marketed to. Low-level, emotion-appealing, childish, uninteresting ads are competing for our attention everywhere and all the time. And not just online, but offline too.

I know, this is nothing new, but I am not talking about the fact itself. How does this make you feel? For me it's a mix of “Everyone is desperately looking for attention and money” and “We haven't come that far as a species, after all”.

#thoughts #rants