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Two Python packages I've come across while experimenting with MIDI programming:

  • pyknon for music theory and easy MIDI file generation
  • pychord for chord parsing and generation

I was not looking for any libraries explicitly, as I was having fun creating some of their features from scratch. As usual, serendipity helped: I've found both in another project that I cannot recall at this very moment.

#Python #music

A while ago I published a Python client for Alda, a project I've liked since I learned about it. Recently, though, I've had a desire to go “back to the basics” and deal with MIDI directly.

After a long time, I've picked Mido up again to write some MIDI files programmatically. I've even managed to make it run both on Windows and on MacOS, which required a little more setup. It was a good chance to review some aspects of the MIDI protocol itself, which I'm using for some experiments.

#Python #music #MIDI

I have recently come across the Data Sonification Archive website as I was looking for resources on data sonification. As both a musician and a “data guy”, this is a topic I want to explore more – if anything, for artistic purposes.

An article I have found for different reasons is taking me towards the same direction. The article is Erie: A Declarative Grammar for Data Sonification.

#music #data