Logbook + Scratchpad


I have loved fractals since I first learned about them as a kid, thanks to my mother. At first I loved the colors and the variety of shapes, then the generative aspect (a simple formula can generate such a complex pattern!), and finally the math behind (complex numbers, non-linearity, fractal dimension, and so on).

The software I was using as a kid was called Winfract, the Windows version of Fractint, which was and is itself very flexible and feature-rich. I am very grateful to Fractint developers for having created such a great software, as when I first learned Python and NumPy more than 10 years ago, I attempted to replicate some of its features. This resulted in a lot of research on NumPy, GUIs, and graphics (including Matplotlib and OpenGL), some of which I mentioned in the previous post.

I am resurrecting and refurbishing this very old code, which I will make available soon. It is by no means a complete product, for which there are much more advanced solutions such as XaoS; it's more a collection of experiments. Yet, I am happy that, back then, I managed to replicate many of the formulae that Fractint provided, and also that I ventured into 3D data visualization and GUI design.

#python #fractals #graphics